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Rhode Island may be a little state, but it has a lot to offer businesses. If you have decided to start your business in this state, then look for a population with a nice disposable income and a workforce that is well-educated. While competition may be fierce in Rhode Island, you have the makings of a great economic situation to get you off to a good start.

However, to ensure success, you must get your tax situation in order. This requires knowing how to apply for a federal tax ID number in Rhode Island. You must have an ID number to pay taxes if you have employees or are not a sole proprietorship. In any case, though, you might want to consider getting a federal tax ID in Rhode Island. It enables you to not have to use your social security number as a tax ID number.

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What is a Federal Employer Identification Number(EIN)?

The RI federal tax ID number used primarily by businesses is the federal Employer Identification Number. This IRS-issued ID is the uniquely-identifying number for most non-human entities. As the name suggests, the federal tax ID is used for paying things like employment taxes. However, your business will also use its EIN for filing your main business taxes, opening financial accounts and more.

In many ways, an EIN is similar to a Social Security Number for your business. In fact, one of the key benefits is that it allows your business to make filings separately from your personal ones. This helps keep things organized and minimizes your personal liability.

You will primarily use your EIN even when paying taxes to the state Department of Revenue, which is essentially the Rhode Island IRS. However, the state will also issue you other identifiers when you register your business.

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Do I need to Apply for an EIN in Rhode Island?

The most common reason to need an EIN is having a business with separate finances and/or taxes. Banks require one to open most business account types, including lines of credit. Additionally, if you want to file taxes as a business separately from your personal filings, your business will need its own federal tax ID.

Once you have an EIN, it is easier to track your business filings with the state. Once you apply for the ID, you can perform a Rhode Island federal tax ID number lookup to see the status of your annual taxes for example.

Non-commercial organizations also use EINs. For example, it is used as the church controlled tax ID. Similar entities also use an EIN such as:

  • Estates of deceased individuals
  • Trusts
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Church-controlled originations

Whether you want to apply for a Rhode Island federal tax ID or simply have questions about the process, can help. We have resources for both commercial and non-profit organization tax ID applications. Our goal is to make working with the IRS as easy as possible for you.

Bypass the IRS Hassle

To apply for a Rhode Island federal tax ID number, you need to apply to the IRS. However, as with anything dealing with this agency, the process can be quite confusing. Many business owners find it is much simpler to use Govt Assist, LLC to secure a federal tax ID number.

At Govt Assist, LLC, we make the process as easy as possible. You just need to fill out a form with basic information about your business. That is the only step you need to complete to apply for an EIN. We handled the rest, from submitting it to the IRS to securing the number and delivering it to you usually within 24 hours. It cannot get easier, and it saves you the headaches of dealing with the IRS.

When you are ready for your Rhode Island EIN, come see us. We will get you started fast and on your way. You can focus on running your business while we do the work of securing the number. Even if you aren’t in Rhode Island, it’s okay. We can get numbers for any state, such as a Kentucky tax ID or Nevada tax ID. Get started here.

Be able to have your own way to file taxes with the help of being able to apply for a federal tax ID in Rhode Island. Not only can you ensure that you have the right ID for you and your purposes, but you no longer have to hand out your social security number. This is a great thing to consider when the time comes since you want to ensure that no one has your personal or financial information that they can easily use against you when the time comes. Check out more information when you’re thinking of filing for a federal tax ID in Rhode Island. It can be well worth it to be informed through the process.

Knowing The Process for Obtaining a Federal Tax ID Number

When the time comes to apply for a federal tax ID in Rhode Island, you need to know the process and what to expect. This can all be done through the Internet. You can also keep our pages up and handy whenever you come across something that you’re not sure about, and we can provide you with the information that is needed to clear it up and get you back on track when the time comes.

Check out all of the information that we have available right here from our website. Not only can we provide you with more information than ever regarding the process to apply for a federal tax ID in Rhode Island, but we can ensure that you have the answers to the many tax questions that you might have. With tax experts just around the corner, you can feel more confident than ever giving us a try and finding out some more useful tax information. File for a federal tax ID in your state now.

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