Can I Get An EIN For Banking Purposes Only?

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Getting an Employer I.D. Number (EIN number) is an important step for your business. Instead of using your personal social security number to do business, you are using an EIN number.

What can you do with your EIN? You can file taxes using your EIN. You can apply for a credit card in the name of your own business. You can also use it for banking purposes like opening a bank account in the name of your business or applying for business permits.

When applying online for an Employer I.D. Number, you can select the box that says you are using it for banking purposes only.

How do you apply for an IRS EIN? You can utilize our quick and easy online form to submit an application.

1. Select the identity type.

What are you filing as? Choose one.

2. Enter your information.

This is where you enter your personal information, business information, and additional information. Under the additional information section, you will see the box for Reason for Applying. Select: Banking Purposes. Then fill out the rest of the form.

3. Submit your information.

Once you have submitted your form, you should receive your EIN the same day. If you are submitting this form after 6pm PST, you may receive your EIN the next business day. You can verify your EIN by going to Order Status and enter your order number or e-mail address.

As you can see, whether you need an EIN for banking purposes or something else, we have made the process of applying for an EIN easy to do.

We will submit your application for an EIN with the Internal Revenue Service to acquire your Tax Identification Number and deliver it to you safely and quickly by email.

Our support team members are tax experts readily available by telephone or email.

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