Can I Transfer My Old Tax ID To My New Business?

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If you have an existing employer identification number (EIN), you may be wondering if you can transfer your old tax ID to a new business. Generally speaking, you should apply for a tax ID when the ownership or structure if your business changes. However, there are some exceptions, depending on what type of entity you run. Here’s a guide for how to obtain EIN for a new business.

Sole Proprietorships

As a sole proprietor, you can use an EIN you already have if you simply want to change your business’s name or location. However, if you change to a partnership or corporation, you will need to fill out a new EIN number application. You can not transfer your old tax ID to the new business.


If you run a partnership, you can use your current EIN if the business name or location changes. But you will need to apply for EIN again if the partnership incorporates, the partnership ends and you start a new one, or a partner takes over the business and operates it as a sole proprietor.


You can transfer your old tax ID to a new business if any of the following criteria apply to your corporation:

  • The name or location of the corporation changes.
  • You elect to be treated as an S corporation for tax purposes.
  • You run the surviving corporation after a corporate merger.

However, if a new corporation starts because of a statutory merger or your business changes to a sole proprietorship or partnership, you will need to apply for a new EIN.

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

If you operate an LLC and want to change its location or name, you can transfer an old tax ID you already have to the new business. But if you form a new LLC, you’ll need to submit another LLC application.

Whether you can use an existing EIN depends on a variety of circumstances. You can discuss with a professional whether the transfer of an old tax ID to a new business is possible for your business. If you need to get an EIN for a new business, filling out an online application is the easiest way.


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