How do I check my TIN status?

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You can easily check the status of your TIN application. This number will play a key role in helping your business grow, as you will need it to not only open a bank account, but also file taxes. Complete your TIN and you will be able to quickly use this number to grow your business.

How to Find Your EIN Number

There are several ways you can verify the EIN status for your business. Looking at your businesses’ tax records is a quick and easy way to find this number. When you apply for your EIN, you get that information from the IRS, and you can always get it from them if you need it again.

If you have to check the status of an EIN and you realize that you need to have a new number, you can easily complete a new application. Some of the reasons to submit a new application include changing ownership of the business and having a new address.

What Do You Need to Complete the EIN Application?

Completing your EIN application does not have to be difficult. If you have a Social Security Number and your business is located within the United States, you will be able to apply for an EIN. You are limited to one EIN application per day.

The EIN acts as a Social Security Number for the business, and will be needed throughout its life. A corporation tax ID, partnership tax ID, and other entity tax ID’s are easily obtainable. When you apply for an EIN, the process must be completed in one sitting, but fortunately you will get an answer on your application status immediately.

You can easily check the status of your TIN or EIN. When it comes time to complete your application, make sure you work with an experienced company who can assist. They will help the process go much more smoothly.

Checking Your EIN During the Application Process

It is always easiest to check your TIN status online. After you successfully apply for an EIN, you will receive a notice that your application is complete. From there, you can contact us to check on its status, either over the Internet or phone.

The IRS will be able to get you all the answers you need while your application is in progress. It may help for you to contact the IRS Business department or Specialty Tax Line if you have lost your EIN information but want to check on the status.

It is best if you stay on top of all your documents and correspondence during the EIN application process and check its status regularly. Starting off your business on a strong and responsible foot will lead to less confusion down the road when you are filing your taxes.

Being Clear on the Difference Between a TIN and EIN

Even during the application process, some people are confused about the difference between a TIN and an EIN. A Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and an Employer Identification Number (EIN) are both 9-digit numbers that the Internal Revenue Service assigns to certain organizations. The IRS uses these numbers to keep track of tax information for sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, non-profit organizations, trusts, estates, government agencies and various other business entities.

A TIN and an EIN refer to the 9-digit IRS-assigned number. They are different names for the same identification number.

Making Sure You Get Your Required TIN Number

It’s imperative you stay diligent through the TIN application process, keeping track of correspondence and checking the status to see that your application was approved. If you have not received an approval within a few days of applying for your TIN online, you should check to make sure all paperwork was filled out and submitted correctly. If it wasn’t, you may have to start the process and apply for it again. Whether you are in need of an Indiana TIN, a Minnesota TIN, or any other state, apply for it today. 

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