Is It Better To Apply for an EIN Online or Send In My SS4 By Mail?

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There are several acceptable ways to fill out a tax ID application with the IRS.

• Online
• Over the phone
• By fax
• By mail

Applying online has several benefits:

• Easy access
• Quick approval
• Faster delivery of EIN

Many people prefer to apply for EIN online, since it means having your new tax ID number the same day or within a few days max.

How To Obtain EIN

When you opt for filing your EIN number application online, you only have to follow a few basic steps:

1. Make sure you’re eligible: If your business already has a valid tax ID number, the IRS won’t assign you a new one unless something significant has changed. Only apply for a new EIN if you’re switching from sole proprietorship to partnership or corporation, or if you recently bought a business or started a new one.
2. Download a copy of the EIN application: The IRS won’t let you save progress on the online form – and there’s a time limit – so you need to have all information at hand. You can also use helpful filing services that do let you save your progress.
3. Submit the form: You should hear back in a maximum of two to three business days.
4. Save your EIN number: An email confirmation saves time if you misplace your EIN accidentally.

The Process to Obtain an EIN

If you feel uncomfortable placing personal information online, print out Form SS-4 and mail it to the appropriate address instead. This method takes up to four weeks. Mailing is the only option for businesses using an online EIN to apply for a different EIN – likely for subsidiaries. EINs obtained online can’t be used for a different business EIN number online .

Expand Your Business With Confidence

Filling out an EIN number application is easy. Don’t hesitate to create a new startup or launch exciting new locations for your business. With the flexibility of a virtual office, you can expand with fear of steep overhead or massive amounts of employees required.

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