If My Business Grows, Do I Need To Get A New EIN?

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Many business owners who are seeing success and expanding, wonder, “Do I need a new EIN?” There are many reasons why you might need a new Employee Identification Number (EIN) if your business has grown. You may choose to change your business structure to grow your business, or you might alter your operational procedures.

Sole Proprietors

If you are a sole proprietor and you want to successfully grow your business, you might need a new EIN if you:

  • Incorporate your business
  • Decide to form a partnership
  • Begin hiring employees


Corporations who are growing may need to file for a new EIN if:

  • Business structure is changed to a sole proprietorship
  • Business structure is changed to a partnership
  • You obtain a new business chapter from the secretary of state
  • You have merged and formed a new corporation
  • You incorporated a new subsidiary of your business

Apply for an EIN Online

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says that all corporations must obtain a tax ID (EIN). In addition, sole proprietors who hire employees must have an EIN. The IRS uses EINs to track businesses’ tax obligations. If you own a corporation, you don’t need a new EIN for every branch of your business that you open, but there are instances when it could be helpful. You can apply for a new EIN online through IRS-EIN. We offer a quick way to complete the application process so that you can have your new EIN in as little as 1 to 2 business days, in most cases.

IRS-EIN also allows you to check your EIN online, so that you can know the status at any given moment and can be prepared for the minute your new business venture will be official with the IRS.

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