Corporation Vs. Personal Service Corporation

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For the non-business savvy individual, starting a business becomes overwhelming. There are several business structures from which to decide before you even start conducting business. The nature of your business, as well as the size and structure, impacts the best structure for you. Even if you choose to create a corporation, you have to decide whether to go with a professional corporation or a personal service corporation. This confusion leaves many new business owners at a standstill. Once you have decided upon your entity, you will need a tax ID number, which is known as an employer identification number or EIN.

How Working with Govt Assist LLC Helps

Although the IRS allows you to update EIN information, you might not be able to change EIN information online. There are several steps that you might need to undertake in order to make any amendments to the information on file with the IRS, and you might not want to have to deal with going through that process. In some cases, you have to send a letter to the IRS or fill out a special form. This includes if you make a mistake on your initial application, change your business entity or move your business.

Working with IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service from the get-go makes it easier on you. You can ensure that you handle the initial application correctly. We also assist you with questions regarding any problems, including how to change an EIN number, or changes you might need to make to update your EIN so you remain compliant. Ready to get started with setting up the foundation of your business? Then head to our dedicated pages for your business entity structure. We can also help with estate and non-profit tax IDs. Start the process of filling out the form for a trust tax ID number here or visit this page to start filing for your church tax ID number.

If you want to start a small business, you need to know that there is a lot of legwork involved in filing your company as an operating business entity within the United States. Thankfully, IRS EIN is here to help you with all of your employer identification number needs. You can easily get an EIN online or check the status of an EIN online from the comfort of your own home. IRS EIN also answers all of your questions regarding your business entity filing forms, including what exactly is the difference between a corporation and personal service corporation.

Corporation vs. Personal Service Corporation

It’s critical to know what type of business entity you want when filing. A corporation, also known as a professional corporation, is an organization of professionals that operates under the laws of specific governing states.

Some of the advantages of filing as a professional corporation include perpetual existence of your corporation if you die or leave the company, and also liability protection. One of the main disadvantages is a corporate tax rate of up to 35 percent.

A personal service corporation is a specific tax entity recognized by the Internal Revenue Service for businesses that provide personal services to customers, including law firms and medical offices. They need to comply with particular kinds of tax rules, such as having a fiscal year and abiding to some specific passive activity laws.

If you are thinking about starting a business, trust your employer identification number application to IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service. We make it easy to file your application online. Plus, our professionals are available around the clock to offer you the assistance and guidance you need.

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