How Do I Form a Personal Service Corporation?

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The personal service corporation can help you save on taxes if you are performing your services as employee owners. If you need help getting your personal service corporation set up, contact IRS-EIN. IRS-EIN streamlines the process and makes it easy to get your business off the ground.

The Advantages of Setting up a Personal Service Corporation:

The personal service corporation is a type of C-Corporation where more than 10 percent of the stock by value is owned by professionals. Several fields are represented, including architecture, engineering, consulting, and health.

The C-Corporation offers tax advantages, but you need to know the rules to ensure you are enjoying lower taxes. To avoid people taking advantage of this system, the government uses specific criteria to determine if your qualified professional service corporation follows these rules.

What do You do When you Need to get Your EIN?

You will need to get an EIN online if you are starting a new business, opening a bank account, or trying to establish a line of credit. This number will play a key role throughout the life of your business and will be needed when you are trying to file your taxes.

When you apply for an EIN, the team at IRS-EIN has you covered. The IRS-EIN application is available online and can be filled out any time. Even if you are having trouble, you can contact customer service over the phone or online. The IRS-EIN will be able to process your application quickly, and even if you need rush delivery, they have you covered.

The personal service corporation can be the perfect way to achieve your dreams of business ownership. IRS-EIN will take the guesswork out of completing government forms, including the EIN. The IRS-EIN has helped people from all over the country start their businesses.

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