Is It Harder To Get An EIN In The Southern States Versus The Northern States?

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Americans are changing the states they call home more than ever. This is particularly true when individuals are looking to start a new business and find a place where the cost of living is lower, or there is a more qualified pool of talent. Consequently, many would-be business owners wonder whether it is harder to get an EIN in Southern states versus an EIN in Northern states. However, the process is exactly the same. Read on to find out how to get yours.

 A Simple Process Anywhere You Live

Getting your EIN on is quick and simple. In fact, you can get yours by following three steps. First, choose a filing status for your business. Then, fill out the application. Finally, submit it. You will receive your EIN by email that day, usually within the hour. If you submit your application after 9 p.m., you will receive your EIN the next business day.

Who Needs an EIN?

Among the numerous reasons to get an EIN, the most prevalent are if you start a business, as well as if you recently brought on staff members or plan to, including employees for your household. You will also need an EIN if you open a bank account that requires an EIN or if you decide to create an account for the business or get a credit line for it. In addition, you have to get an EIN if you change the structure of the ownership of your business or form a partnership, LLC, trust, corporation or pension plan.

So, if, for instance, you have a Connecticut EIN number and are considering a move to Texas, you will need to get a Texas EIN number. Nonetheless, the process is the same, easy set of steps on

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