How Do I Cancel My Order?

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Our goal with every client is to provide accurate and speedy service while processing your application for an EIN/Tax ID number, and to distribute it to you securely via email. Unlike other EIN number application methods, we guarantee you will receive your EIN within 1-2 business days; in most cases, applications are managed and delivered within 24 hours. However, some clients have asked us, “How do I cancel my order?” and below we provide an explanation of our refund policy and associated fees, as well as how to cancel your order if and when the need arises.

How Do I Cancel My Order For EIN?

Because most applications are processed within a few hours, cancellation may not be an option should too much time elapse between submission and delivery.

You can check your EIN number status online at any time using your account information on our website. If you believe the order has not been processed yet, and you would like to cancel the order, please contact us by phone or by email as soon as possible.

Apply For an EIN Online

If accurate and expedited service is important to you, applying for an EIN online is the fastest and easiest way to obtain your EIN/Tax ID number (SS-4 Form).

Our online application is simplified to reduce frustration and speed up deliverability for busy entrepreneurs and business owners. Apply for an EIN today and you can start using it tomorrow to grow your business.

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