If I Own a Corporation, Do I Need An EIN For Each Separate Office?

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Getting an employer ID number is an important step in establishing your business. If you happen to run a particularly large business, it is all the more important that you get your EIN taken care of accurately and efficiently. Companies that contain several offices and subsidiaries might bring up additional questions, though, about obtaining a tax ID. Do you need multiple EIN number for corporations that fit this description? Are there separate standards for obtaining a large corporation tax ID? The IRS may require a separate EIN number for businesses with separate subsidiaries, but getting these numbers does not have to be a hassle.

Get EIN Numbers for All Offices

Generally, even large corporations do not have to obtain multiples EINs. If your company includes several offices, these can typically be included under your primary tax ID number. If the offices are separate subsidiaries, however, different EINs are standard. Applying for this number requires that you file a form online—or you can call or fax—and then wait for follow up from the IRS. Understandably, many busy business owners do not want to go through this stressful and time-consuming process—especially if applying for several tax ID numbers.

Govt Assist, LLC allows you to avoid the IRS and eliminate the stress of EIN applications. We specialize in filing corporation tax ID number applications for you and handling all of the details. Our team of EIN experts offers more than just the convenience of filing for you, though—you can also be confident, knowing that we offer 24/7 support for any questions or issues you might have. We understand dealing with the IRS is a hassle, and we aim to offer the opposite experience through customized service. Let us handle your S corp tax ID number application and see why large companies trust irs-ein-tax-id.com/ for all of their tax ID needs.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), all corporations must obtain a tax ID, sometimes called an Employer Identification Number (EIN). An EIN number for business is used by the IRS to track tax obligations of various legal entities, such as corporations, partnerships, estates, and non-profits. If you own a large corporation, you do not need multiple EINs for your business. A single business tax ID number is all you will need to satisfy any requirements. However, there are specific instances where it might be advantageous to obtain a second EIN number for business.

Applying for Multiple EIN Numbers

In the event an established corporation creates subsidiaries, which could be formed as any number of business entities (another corporation, partnership, or LLC), the subsidiary is not considered a division of the parent corporation, and should therefore have its own EIN number for business.

In this case, the parent company must register and file the subsidiary with the appropriate state agencies, depending on the type of entity established. You must also apply for business tax ID number for the subsidiary for federal tax purposes.

Once the subsidiary has it’s own business tax ID number, the new business can then act independently of the parent company, including opening bank accounts in it’s own name, and making payments in the name of the subsidiary.

How to Apply For Business Tax ID Number Online

Getting an EIN number for business is easy when you apply online. Online applications are the fastest and easiest way to obtain an EIN number for business because simplified forms reduce red tape and guarantee delivery of your new EIN number within 24 hours.

You can also apply by phone or mail, but these application methods can take up to two weeks to process. Don’t wait to get this important tax ID. Apply online today and get your EIN number for business tomorrow.

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