Does It Matter What State You’re In To Order A Tax ID?

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Starting a new business or moving an existing one to a new state always requires diligence. Much of that has to do with keeping your paperwork and tax records up to date, and neither should ever lapse. Fortunately, though, can make your tax-status filing an incredibly simple proposition. Read on to learn how you can keep yours in compliance.

So Does it Matter Where You are?

The simple answer is no. Regardless of which U.S. state or territory you call home, you will be required to order a state tax ID declaring the home state of your business. The process is simple no matter where you live. First, log on to Choose your tax status for your business and fill out the IRS SS-4 online. Then submit the form to formally apply for a tax ID. You’ll receive yours the same day, and often within an hour. If you submitted it after 9 p.m., you’ll receive it the next business day.

What if I Am Planning to Move?

The answer is still no. You can order a tax ID from your new state even before you have moved and are still living in your old state. You can do this even if you do not know where exactly you will be living in that new state. Then, once you have found a permanent residence, make sure to change the address on record by logging back on to Naturally, you are also permitted to wait until you have actually moved to complete this online process.

So while owning or moving a business may be a daunting task in some ways, remember that makes the tax-record keeping a breeze.

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