If I move Out of State but My Business Doesn’t, Do I Need a New EIN?

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Residential moves do not require the owners of existing businesses to apply for EIN numbers to replace those they already have. As long as the business entity remains at the registered address, there is no need to do anything regarding your Tax ID Number. There are some changes that do require updating your EIN information.

• New business address
• New partnership or ownership
• New business name
• New business structure

In order to alter any of these items within your documentation with the IRS, you will need to fill out a new Tax ID application. This will result in a new EIN rather than simply updating the information related to your current number, which will no longer be valid for tax purposes.

What About Local Taxes?

You should not need a different business EIN number for your new state of residence since your business is still operating in the original state in which it was founded under the existing Tax ID Number. Be sure you are following all laws pertaining to running a business across state lines if you intend to make any income in your new state instead of solely in the previous one. Each state has varying laws regarding any business conducted within their borders.

An EIN number application will definitely be needed if you choose to begin functioning as a business entity within your new state, however. At this point your enterprise would be considered a new business applying for a new Tax ID based on a change of address. This would make reapplying necessary both locally and federally.

How Do I Change My Tax ID?

If you’re not sure how to obtain EIN numbers and need to do so for a change in address related to your official business operations, we make it easy and quick to get the job done. Just fill out our online form, and you’ll have your new number within a day of submission.

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