Do I Need A Certain Software To Obtain An EIN Over The Internet?

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Starting your own business is a big undertaking. First, you have to have a concept you believe is needed and that you think you can do well. Then, you have to figure out how you’re going to finance the business. Next, you will need to search for and find a location and secure that. Finally, you will have to decide how you will staff it and do all of the necessary paperwork to get it rolling forward. These are all big decisions that only you can make.

Often, people wonder if the process with the IRS will be similarly complicated and drawn out. Specifically, they wonder if it is necessary to use special software to obtain an EIN or to check your EIN online. Luckily, though, when it comes to filing and doing business with the IRS, things are easy. Read on to learn more.

So is a Particular Computer or Special Software Needed to get an EIN Online?

Fortunately, for business owners everywhere in the United States, the answer is no to both concerns. You can use any computer that has Internet access to log on to You will, however, need a computer with a current web browser so that you can access and complete the online EIN application process. If you decide that you would prefer to have a confirmation letter sent to you online, it will be necessary to use a computer that has Adobe Acrobat installed on it.

No one can guarantee that setting up a business will be a walk in the park, but the IRS makes it as easy as possible to register and check on your company documents online whenever you want.

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