Do I Need A New EIN If My Church Organization Moves To A Different State?

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Many entrepreneurs come to us asking, “Do I need to apply for an EIN for my church organization if I move to a different state?” The answer varies according to the situation of each individual and organization.

Are You Already a Church Organization?

If you are already a church organization and you are simply moving to a different state, you do not need to apply for a new Employer Identification Number (EIN). The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) uses EINs for federal tax accountability purposes, so moving to another state will not create the need for obtaining a new EIN.

If You are Forming a New Church Organization

If you are moving to another state to form a new church organization, you should get a new EIN, but you do not have to. In the federal tax system, there are special tax rules for churches and religious organizations as defined in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). IRC Section 501(c)(3) exempts these types of organizations from paying federal taxes, which makes it possible for them to receive tax-deductible contributions. To qualify, a church organization must meet certain criteria. But, while exempt, it makes sense for a church organization to apply for a tax ID or EIN.

Why Get an EIN for a Church Organization?

With an EIN, a church organization can:

  • Open a bank account in the church organization’s name
  • Submit W-2 and 1099 forms to the IRS
  • Get listed in group rulings as a subordinate

For these reasons and more, it is important for a church organization or religious organization to apply for an EIN.

IRS-EIN helps church organizations fill out form IRS SS4 online to easily and quickly get a new EIN.

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