If my new business is a Partnership, will I be required to get an EIN?

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Any changes made to your business profile will require you to apply for a different business EIN number. The content of your original Tax ID paperwork needs to be correct per your actual day-to-day operations, so you can file taxes each year. There are many reasons you may need to resubmit for a new EIN that are not just limited to new partnerships.

• New business name
• New business structure
• New business address
• New ownership

Your new partnership will impact the way you do business, and it needs to be addressed in your tax documents, so you can effectively bank and hire employees as well as file your business taxes. Fill out a new Tax ID application with your partnership details so the federal government has the appropriate identifying information for your business moving forward.

Does My New Partnership Affect My State Tax ID?

If you have previously held a state related EIN, then you need to act in order to ensure that information is up to date with local government entities. You will likely need to apply for EIN numbers again both federally and locally if you live in a state that requires a separate Tax ID Number for tax purposes. It is good to remember that chances are very high that any time you need to reapply for a federal EIN, you will probably be responsible for also doing so for state taxes, regardless of the reasons for obtaining a new number.

How Do I Reapply?

An EIN number application doesn’t have to be difficult. We can do the paperwork for you, in fact, when you simply submit our online form containing all of the pertinent details we need to file the necessary documents with the federal government. We work to make the process as simple as possible for you!

We use our knowledge and experience on how to obtain EIN numbers to make updating your Tax ID a breeze, no matter what your specific business changes may be. Take the stress out of one aspect of your taxes by using our expertise to your advantage and have a new Tax ID within the day.

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