Do I Pay For An EIN Monthly Or Is It A One-Time Payment?

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It is often said that you have to spend money in order to make money. Though this may be true, balancing your business’ income and expenses is a tricky feat. One expense that business owners are commonly concerned about is acquisition of an EIN—also known as an employer identification number or tax ID. Many business owners wonder: do you have to pay for a EIN number? If so, how much does an EIN number cost? The answers to these questions depend on a number of different factors, including whether there are any errors made on your application and how you choose to file your application.

Don’t Spend More Than You Need to on an EIN

When you are considering the federal EIN cost, you should not just calculate dollar amounts. You should also think about how much your time and effort are worth as you begin the process of applying for an EIN. If you are applying for either a sole proprietorship tax ID number or a partnership tax ID number, the short answer is that you will only pay the fee once—not annually, monthly or in any other recurring form. Even though it is a one-time fee, however, you might find your expenses exaggerated by the cost of mistakes and the amount of time spent tending to the application.

You can go directly though the IRS to complete this process, or you can trust it to professionals. IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service specializes in helping business owners like yourself avoid the hassle of dealing with the IRS. When you partner with our team, your fee buys more than just an EIN—it also ensures you have access to a 24/7 support team to provide assistance whenever you need it. Reach out to to learn more about the simplest and quickest way to establish your business’ tax ID number.

There are lots of start up costs when first establishing a business, including fees and charges for various forms and filings. Fortunately, payment for an EIN form and filing process is only paid one time; the EIN will remain with the business in perpetuity unless the business or business owner declares bankruptcy, the business changes entity types, or the secretary of state provides a new corporate charter.

Once a payment for an EIN has been processed, you will not have monthly payments, nor will there be annual payments. An EIN application form is filed a single time and should last the lifetime of the business.

How Much is an EIN Application Form?

The cost of applying for an EIN can vary depending on how you choose to file. Likewise you can apply by phone or by mail. These application methods are slower and can take up to 14 days to process. You will also be responsible for extra fees, including postage, if you decide to file by mail.

Don’t Wait To Get an EIN Online

An EIN number is an important tool you can use to grow your business. With an EIN number you’ll be able to accomplish several essential business tasks:

  • Open a bank account in the name of the business
  • Apply for credit from banks or lenders
  • Hire employees and establish a payroll
  • Apply for local/state permits and licenses

Whether you need an Alabama tax ID or one from a different state, don’t wait to apply. Payment for an EIN is completed once and offers plenty of ways you can grow your business.

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