What Are the Steps to Getting My EIN?

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With IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service, you can quickly and conveniently apply for an EIN. As a Third Party Designee, we offer the ability to complete the Internal Revenue Service’s Form SS-4 from your office, home or anyplace with an internet connection. We take out the confusion, frustration and guesswork with our simple three-step process.

Who Can Apply for an EIN Online?

Contrary to popular belief, businesses and nonprofit entities aren’t the only organizations that need an Employer Identification Number. Businesses owned by sole proprietors must obtain an EIN if they have employees or are required to file excise or pension plan taxes. Besides sole proprietorships, several other types of organizations can apply for an EIN:

• Partnerships
• Limited liability companies
• Corporations
• Nonprofit groups
• Church-controlled organizations
• Trusts
• Estates of deceased individuals

How Can You Get an EIN?

Getting an EIN for your organization, trust or entity is as easy as completing our online tax ID application. To begin the process, simply choose your entity type and then follow our on-screen instructions to complete the form. Once you pay the one-time service fee, you’re done.

If you apply before 3 p.m. Pacific Time Monday through Friday, you should receive your EIN through email the same day. However, you’ll need to allow up to two weeks for the Internal Revenue Service to update its permanent records with your new EIN before using it to make tax payments, file electronic returns or use any tax identification number matching services.

Convenient EIN Services at Your Fingertips

Enjoy convenience, security, and speed by using IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service to complete your EIN number application. Our online interface includes easy-to-understand instructions, and our support team is here to help when you need it. Get a new or different business EIN number for your business, church-controlled organization, nonprofit, trust or for a deceased individual’s estate with IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service today.

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