What Is the Difference Between a Sole Proprietorship and an LLC?

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Many people have a difficult time determining whether they should go with a sole proprietorship or an LLC when forming a new business. While there are many LLC benefits, there are also many advantages that come from going with a sole proprietorship.

Making the Decision

Sole proprietorships are the simplest and most popular type of business formation for new businesses, but they lack certain legal and tax advantages that LLC organizations possess. When it comes to the sole proprietorship vs LLC debate, the net income or loss from a business is listed on the business owner’s personal income taxes if they are a sole proprietor. The main benefit of forming a sole proprietorship is that it is an extremely simple process and it is relatively easy to operate under this type of business structure.

Comparatively, an LLC is viewed as a separate business identity. Those who own an LLC are viewed as investors, and the actions of the organization are managed by designated managers or the managers themselves. Depending on how the LLC is structured, the income is taxed directly by the investors.

Begin the Process

Business owners should carefully consider whether they want to take on the tax liability of a sole proprietorship or go with the more complicated structure of an LLC based on their personal interests and the goals of their organization.

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