What Is The Format Of An EIN?

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Starting a new business is a very exciting undertaking, whether you do it alone or with a few partners. But the administrative process can put a damper on your joy. One of the items that all new companies need is an employer identification number, whether it be a trust tax id, a tax id for llc, or a different entity, it is required. Also known as a federal tax identification number, this special set of numbers identifies your business as an operating, tax-paying entity within the United States by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

You may have questions about an EIN, but IRS-EIN is here to help by addressing all of your concerns and offering you a convenient way to apply for EIN online, as well as allowing you to check EIN status online.

What Is the Format of an EIN?

One of the questions that we most often see is, What is the format of an EIN? This set of nine numbers starts with two unique digits followed by a dash and seven more numbers. For example, your EIN would look like 12-34567 on your form.

The Importance of an Employer Identification Number

You will need to obtain an EIN for your business for all of your tax-related needs, such as filing taxes in April, and opening a business bank account.

We are proud to make the process easy for you. You can apply for an EIN in the privacy and comfort of your own home, as well as conveniently check the status of your federal identification number anytime, anywhere.

Trust in IRS-EIN for all of your EIN needs. Whether you need an Arizona tax ID, a Georgia tax ID, or another state entirely, apply today. If you have additional questions, please look at our FAQ page to learn more.

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