Why Update My Address With the IRS?

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Although many people like to correspond with the IRS as little as possible, there are good reasons to keep the federal tax agency updated with your current address. When you alert the IRS of an address change, you ensure you receive all important documents and letters pertaining to your business. If you are sent a notice of tax deficiency, or a demand for taxes, you will want the IRS to have your current address because they will not accept any excuses for not paying owed taxes (and you might accrue penalties on taxes due).

How to Update Your Address for an EIN

The IRS issues federal tax IDs and keeps track of all paperwork regarding these ID numbers. If you have filed for an EIN (employee identification number), you need to update your address with the IRS if you move, so that you receive all correspondence relating to your tax ID. Form 8822 is used to update an address with the IRS. Irs-ein-tax-id.com helps clients fill out, and submit, Form 8822.

Who Does a Change of Address Form Change Your Address With?

When you fill out Form 8822 to change your address with the IRS, you are updating your address with the Internal Revenue Service only. You will receive communication regarding your federal tax ID at your new address, but there is no database that transfers the update to other agencies (federal, state, or local).

How to Update Your Address with the IRS

There are several steps involved in updating your address with the IRS. First, you will need to fill out the Change of Address Form 8822. Irs-ein-tax-id.com helps clients do this. The form will need your signature, and in the case of a couple filing jointly, it requires both spouses’ signatures. The form is sent to the appropriate IRS office, based on the address indicated on your filing. Some IRS documents can take up to 60 days to process.

To help you through the process of changing your address with the IRS, irs-ein-tax-id.com offers quick and easy document preparation and filing services.

One of the most important things you can do for your business is to make sure your information is always up-to-date with the IRS. With up-to-date information, you will not have to worry about problems when it comes to your taxes. The IRS will be able to keep your business information current.

Know Where to Send the Change of Address Form for the IRS

When you need to have an EIN change of address, it is extremely important to know where to send or fax the letter for the update. For half of the states in the US, the letter goes to the IRS office in Cincinnati. For the other part of the country, the letter goes to the office in Provo, Utah.

Make sure to provide the proper address when you are updating your information. Having the address updated with the IRS takes four to six weeks, and a mistake will extend the process.

Points to Consider for Updating Your Address

To change or update an EIN address for your business, you will need to complete Form 8822-B. The two-page form can easily be completed and sent to the proper IRS office. You can also use helpful registry resources to assist you in updating your address.

When you are completing the form for your new address, include pertinent information such as the apartment, room, or suite number. If your business is moving out of the country, do not abbreviate the location of your new address. The country name will not display properly if it is abbreviated.

A change of address is normal for any business that is looking to relocate or even grow. We’re here to help ensure that your information is always accurate. Contact irs-ein-tax-id.com to ensure you will not have to go through hassles later in the year.

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