What Do I Do if the IRS Issues More Than One ID for my Business?

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Part of getting your business running is ensuring that you handle all of your tax obligations. One part of that may be to apply for an employer identification number via a tax ID application from the IRS. This ID number becomes the unique identifier for your business. However, there may be cases where the IRS may issue more than one ID number for your business. This is not a huge deal and may actually be warranted in some situations.

Duplicate EINs

You know how to apply for EIN through the IRS. It requires having a responsible party for the business complete an EIN number application that includes information about his or herself and the business. It is not possible for the IRS to issue more than one ID number for one application, so you will not have to worry about that. The IRS monitors applications, looking for duplication issues.

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When You Need More Than One EIN

There may be certain situations when you do need to apply for EIN when you already have one. The most common situation for all types of businesses that require a new EIN to be issued is if your business changes its structure. For example, if you were operating as a sole proprietorship and you become a partnership, then you need a new number. Another example is if you were running a for-profit business and you change to a nonprofit, then you would have to do an EIN nonprofit organization application.

You may also need a new ID number if you are a sole proprietor who files bankruptcy, a corporation that gets a new state charter or becomes a subsidiary or a partner that ends a partnership and starts a new one. Another case is if you change your business name. You do not always need a new EIN, but in some cases, it is mandatory, and even if it isn’t mandatory, you may still wish to apply for a new ID number for your business.

Handling Your EIN Issues

It is very rare that the IRS may issue more than one tax ID for a business. But if you do have more than one ID number for your business but do not need both of them, then you can cancel one with the IRS. You will have to send in a written request to cancel the number. If you need a new EIN, then you can go through the IRS or a service that will help speed up the process and make it easier for you.


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