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Individuals who want to do business in the state of West Virginia may need an EIN Number. An EIN Number, also called a Federal Tax Identification Number or FEIN, is a 9-digit number assigned to a company for the purpose of tax identification. Like a social security number, an EIN Number is a unique number assigned to a businesses and it helps the US Internal Revenue Service keep track of tax liability. Sole proprietorships, LLCs (Limited Liability Companies), Corporations, and several other types of businesses need to have an EIN Number. If your business requires an EIN Number in West Virginia, we can help you get your number quickly through our easy application process.

Who Needs an EIN Number in West Virginia?

If you are starting any of the following types of businesses in West Virginia, you may be required to obtain an EIN Number:

  • Sole Proprietorship/ Individual
  • Partnership
  • LLC (Limited Liability Company)
  • Corporation (S-Corp, C-Corp, B-Corp)
  • Trust
  • Estate
  • Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Farmers Cooperative
  • Church-Controlled Organization

There are several other factors that determine whether or not a business must apply for an EIN Number in West Virginia. These include:

  • Will the business have a bank account?
  • Does the company plan on having employees?
  • Is there a need to file employment or excise tax returns, or tax returns for alcohol/ tobacco/ firearms?
  • Will the company have a Keogh plan?

Applying for a Tax ID Number in West Virginia

Applying for an EIN Number in West Virginia involves several steps, including assembling paperwork, filling out forms, and keeping track of any additional information that is requested to complete the application process. We help businesses get through the entire process in a simple, straightforward, and affordable manner. We act as a third-party agency to guide you through obtaining your Tax ID Number in West Virginia and we take care of everything that is required, including follow up document submission if necessary. Apply for your Tax ID Number in West Virginia today.

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