How can I look up a tax ID for a business?

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The Internal Revenue Service issues employers a tax ID for their business. The tax ID is also known as an Employer I.D. Number (EIN). Businesses, local or state government agencies, and nonprofit organizations have to possess an EIN. The EIN is a useful number to refer to for looking up information about various businesses. You may be able to look up an Employer I.D. Number for free, but sometimes you may need to use a service that costs money. If you simply want to know your employer’s IRS EIN, just locate it on one of your W2 forms.

Resources To Look Up A Tax ID And Verify EIN For A Business

  1. Is the company in question publicly traded? If yes, then go to the Investor Relations website. The majority of publicly traded companies have a Filings page.
  2. On the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Filings page, click on any SEC filing document and you will find the EIN on the first page.

Use the Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR online Forms and Filings database.

The SEC EDGAR online database is a free way to look up an EIN if the business does not post its Securities and Exchange Commission filings online.
This database has all of the Securities and Exchange Commission filings of all companies traded publicly.

  1. If you plan on looking up EIN numbers regularly, it may be worthwhile to subscribe to an online commercial database service.
  2. Commercial Employer Identification Number database providers sometimes have special offers that allow you to make a few searches for free before you sign up for their service.

As you can see, if you are looking up a tax ID for a business, there are multiple ways to go about it.


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