Are Any Entities Excluded From Obtaining An EIN?

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Launching a company can be an exciting time for new business owners, but some administrative tasks, such as filing for an employer identification number, can put a damper on the enjoyment. An EIN, also known as a federal identification number, is a set of nine unique digits assigned to your company by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to identify your company as a tax-paying entity within the United States of America.

How Do I Obtain an EIN?

IRS-EIN makes it simple for you to obtain an EIN for your company right from the comfort of your own home with our simple and secure business tax ID application process online. Simply fill out a form with all of your information, and we will do the rest. Our tax experts are on your side to make the process painless. This gives you time to step away from the administrative aspects of your business and focus on what is really important.

Are Any Entities Excluded From Obtaining an EIN?

A business entity is the type of corporate structure you choose for your business and may include sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, or corporations. All of these entities are allowed to apply for an employer identification number from the IRS.

How We Can Help

Apply for an EIN online with our IRS-EIN simple form. All you have to do is select your company entity type, enter all of your information, and submit the form to apply for an IRS-EIN tax ID within a matter of minutes.

We take every precaution to ensure that your records and data are safe and secure. Get your business up and running today with an EIN application from us!

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