How Do I Make A Change To My EIN After It Was Assigned?

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An employer identification number, also known as an EIN or federal tax identification number, is a unique set of nine numbers that provide the IRS with a method of identifying your business as an operating entity within the United States of America. Company owners can use EINs to conduct activities that would otherwise need social security numbers.

When to Make Changes

You will need to change your EIN after the structure of your business or the ownership has changed. As a sole proprietor, you will need to obtain a new EIN if you are subject to bankruptcy, operate your company as a partnership, buy or receive an existing business that operates as a sole proprietorship, or are incorporated.

For corporations, you will need to change your EIN if you get a new charter from the secretary of the state, change to a sole proprietorship or partnership, are a subsidiary of the company utilizing the parent business’ employer identification number, or are a new corporation created after a statutory merger.

Change My EIN Easily

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