What Is The Reference 101 Error And What Does It Mean?

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Many new business owners get scared off when it comes to filing for an employer identification number. Paperwork, phone calls, and errors can make the process take longer than usual. But thanks to IRS-EIN’s easy business tax ID application process, you can register for your EIN in the comfort of your own home.

During the process, you may come across a reference 101 error. But don’t fear – we are here to explain this error, what it means, and how it can be resolved.

What Is a Reference 101 Error?

You may be asking yourself, what is a reference 101 error? Also called an error code 101 in your employer identification number application to the Internal Revenue Service, the reference 101 code simply means that there is some conflict with your application. One of the reasons that this could happen is that your company’s name closely resembles another entity name. Since the IRS deals with companies all over the country, this issue could present a problem if your business’ name resembles another name too closely.

How IRS-EIN Can Help

We will take all of the steps required to ensure that your employer identification number application runs smoothly. It may take up to seven to 10 business days for the IRS to process your federal tax identification number, but we will be with you during every step of the process to provide support and security.

Easily apply for an EIN online today via our safe and secure website feature. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also visit the FAQ section of our page to learn more.

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