What do I do if I missed the deadline to request a filing extension?

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Missing the deadline for filing an extension for your taxes can be a scary experience. There are plenty of ways to ensure you will not be subject to heavy fines and penalties. Knowing your rights as a taxpayer will give you peace of mind when you miss a deadline and wish to request filing an extension. But to take advantage of those rights, you should first apply for an EIN. 

What to do if You Miss Your Deadline

If you miss the deadline for a filing extension, you can file a paper application. You can also electronically file your return by the middle of November if you have missed the actual deadline. You will need to submit an estimate of the taxes you owe to avoid any fines or penalties.

If you have suffered a recent hardship and requesting a filing extension, the IRS might be willing to work with you and help you set up a payment plan. There are several excuses for filing late or not paying on time, including for those who are out of the country for an extended time-period. For more information, contact a trusted professional. 

How to Keep Up to Date With Your EIN Application

For any business to file its taxes, it first needs to apply for an EIN. If you are looking to check on an EIN status, you will not have to wait long for updates. The typical EIN can often be assigned the same day you apply. You can have your EIN updated if you need to have the name of your business changed, along with the address or the date the business was formed.

Either when you apply for a new EIN or update an existing one, you can go to EIN tracking and easily find the status online. You simply need to have the order number and e-mail, and you will be able to keep up to date with your application. The EIN is needed for your business to file taxes and open up a bank account.

The EIN application is extremely easy to fill out, and can go a long way toward ensuring your business stays healthy. Avoid missing important deadlines, and your business will be able to get off the ground easier.

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