How do I validate my tax ID number when I move?

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If your business needs a change, relocation and moving can be an outstanding way to recharge yourself and your employees. To make life easier, you will need to know how to update and validate your EIN/Tax ID. Updating and validating your EIN/Tax ID will save you time and hassle down the road.  

Where to go to Find Your EIN/Tax ID

When it comes time for your business to move and relocate, you have several options to validate an EIN/Tax ID. Checking your business’ tax records is the perfect way to start the validation process. Look for Box B on the W2, which should have the number. You can also find the number on any other tax document filed by your business to validate it.

The bank where you received funding, including credit, can be an excellent place to get your IRS EIN/Tax ID on moving. They will have the number from when you opened your business. If necessary, you can also apply for a new EIN/Tax ID online when you move.

How to Complete Your EIN/Tax ID Application

You will not need a lot of time to complete your EIN/Tax ID application on moving. The application needs to be completed all at once, but do not worry about blocking too much time. A few minutes will be all you need to complete this simple application and often, you will receive approval immediately when you move.

The person who is applying for the EIN/Tax ID only needs to have a business located within the United States or a US Territory, so there’s nothing to worry about when moving. The applicant must have a valid taxpayer identification number, which can include a Social Security Number. You are limited to one EIN/Tax ID per day.

Your EIN/Tax ID application does not have to be complicated, and it can be even easier for you to update this ID number. Work with a reliable EIN/Tax ID assistance company that knows how to handle the needs of any sized business, and you will stay on the road to success for Tax ID validation.

Notifying the IRS of a Move

When you move or change addresses, you need to let the IRS know so that you receive tax documents or even a tax refund. It’s an important part of the validating process. To change the mailing or business address for your company, you will use Form 8822-B, Change of Address – Business. This form must be completed and returned to the IRS for validation.

Points to Consider When Changing an Address

There are several points to keep in mind when changing the address associated with your tax ID when moving to ensure its validated:

  • Make sure you include any suite, room or apartment number for your new address.
  • If you are going to use a PO Box, enter the PO Box of your business’ street address only if you know that mail cannot be delivered directly to the street address.
  • Foreign addresses need to follow the relevant country’s practice when it comes to using a postal code if you’re moving abroad. Don’t abbreviate a country’s name.
  • If a third party receives your mail (for instance an attorney or accountant), you should enter a ‘c/o’ before the name of the third party when moving
  • It can take the IRS anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to process a change of address with Tax ID validation. You must provide the correct mailing address or you might not receive any notices that require your immediate action or attention.

While changing your address for your tax ID while moving may be the last thing you want to do during a busy or complex move, it’s essential you take the time to do it and do it accurately for validation. Spending just a few minutes to properly fill out the business name change form will ensure all pertinent tax documents are sent to you even when you move. As a business owner, you will want to make sure you’re up-to-date on where you need to be regarding tax situations and have everything validated.

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